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8 Tips to Show Your Rental Property in Atlanta, GA

There’s a lot that goes into placing new tenants in your Atlanta, GA rental property.  For instance, you have to advertise your property, screen tenants, and draft a lease agreement.

Show Your Rental Property to Qualified Renters

But one thing new landlords fail to think about is how important it is to show their vacant property to people.  After all, if prospective tenants don’t like what they see, they’ll never lease from you.

Showing your rental property to people is one of the best ways to attract high-quality tenants.

If you’re a new to the rental property business, check out these helpful tips on how to show your rental property.


How to Show Your Rental Property

1. Pre-Qualify People Before You Show Your Property

There’s no sense in showing your property to people who don’t even qualify to lease from you.  This is a waste of both your time and theirs and gets you nowhere.

Before you jump into showing your rental property to potential tenants, pre-qualify them.  This way you know anyone you show the property to has the ability to lease from you.

Here are some of the things to ask people before agreeing to show your rental:


  • Estimated move-in date
  • Reason for moving
  • Their credit scores
  • Whether they have pets or smoke
  • The number of people looking to move in
  • Estimated income
  • Whether they can provide references


Lastly, ask them if they have any questions before setting up a showing.

Knowing every person you show you rental property to pre-qualifies will save you lots of time, money, and frustration.


2. Be Safe

It’s kind of daunting to think about showing your rental property to perfect strangers.  And as sad as it is, there are people every year in the real estate industry that get hurt showing properties to people.

Before you agree to show your Atlanta, GA property to potential tenants, consider these doing things:


  • Run a quick background check on anyone that calls requesting a showing
  • Agree to show the property only during daytime hours
  • Let someone know where you are before you attend a showing
  • Have an escape plan in case something feels off or happens at the showing
  • Leave the property’s doors unlocked and stand by doorways while showing the property
  • Park at the curb of your property rather than the driveway to prevent getting blocked in


When it comes to how to show your rental property, safety should always be a priority.  Though the chances of something happening are slim, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


3. Be Professional

Whether you plan to self-manage your rental or enlist the help of a property manager, it’s important you give off a professional vibe.

Showing Your Rental Property professionalism

After all, owning an investment property is a business and the tenants you place in your property are your customers.

The last thing anyone wants to see at a property showing is a landlord that’s disheveled.

Give prospective tenants a good first impression by dressing nicely and take care of personal hygiene issues such as your hair, breath, and teeth.

Your tenants expect to spend a lot of time with you throughout their tenancy if they agree to lease from you.  Show them you care about your business and the way you look, as well as the property you’re showing and the tenants you plan to lease to.


4. Be Prepared

Potential tenants don’t want you showing up to property showings in your pajamas.  In addition, they don’t want to see a property from someone that is ill prepared.

It won’t matter how professional you look at a property showing if you aren’t prepared for a property showing.

Here are some more tips for making a good impression on those looking to lease from you:


  • Call potential tenants and confirm their showing appointment in advance
  • Make sure the property is clean, well lit, and at a comfortable temperature upon arrival
  • Be ready to answer general questions about the property and the nearby area
  • When you greet tenants at the showing, shake their hand and introduce yourself
  • Show off the entire property and all its amenities (g. the community pool and laundry facility)


Lastly, have applications on hand so people can apply right away if they’re interested.  Or at least have information about how to apply online.

And make sure you have the rent rate set, the earliest move-in date in mind, and any maintenance and repair issues handled so those that want to move in soon can.


If you need help with setting a rent rate that maximizes your ROI, but gives tenants a great deal, get a FREE assessment of your rental property from a local property management company.

They’ll understand the current market.  Plus, they’ll know what similar properties are going for and how your property’s location and amenities affect the rent rate.

Taking the time to inform people about your rental property, and making it easy to apply, gives you more tenants to pick from.

Plus, it gives tenants better reasons to want to sign a lease with you.


5. Be Convenient

It’s tough for tenants looking for a place to call home to make time to attend property showings.  After all, many tenants have full time jobs and family obligations.

Application Form when Showing Your Rental Property

Scheduling showings at convenient times for other people gives you your best chance at finding tenants for your property.

Some of the best times to show a rental property include late afternoons on weekdays, and early afternoons on weekends.  Though it may not be convenient for you, it will make things easier on people that want to see your property.

Your goal is to place the best tenant possible in your property.  Being inconvenienced for a few afternoons is worth it.


6. Be Responsive to Inquiries

Part of making a good impression on prospective tenants is being proactive from the start.  If someone reaches out to you and wants to see your property, respond to them quickly.

One of the biggest complaints people have about renting is slow maintenance and repair response times.  Don’t let people think that it takes you forever to call them back before they’ve even seen the property.

This gives the impression that you don’t have time, don’t know what you’re doing, or don’t care about communicating effectively.

Start things off right by being responsive and scheduling showings as soon as possible.


7. Don’t Hover

If you really want to know how to show rental your rental property to tenants don’t hover during a showing.

It’s easy to get excited and want to show off every amenity your rental property comes with.  But the goal here is to let people envision themselves living in your rental.

There’s no way people can think about how their life will be in your property if you’re hovering over them.

Instead, highlight the best parts and stand back.  Be prepared to answer questions and show people things they want to see.  But for the most part, let your tenants discover for themselves how great your rental is.


8. Follow Up with People

A simple follow up call after a property showing can go a long way in convincing someone to apply to lease from you.

Rental Property Showing Follow Up Reminder

It shows you have great customer service skills and care about them as individuals.  Plus, it gives people an extra chance to ask any lingering questions.

Follow up with all potential tenants a few days after the property showing with an email or phone call.  This kind gesture will set the tone for the entire tenancy and can lead to great things in the future.


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