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Udi Goldstein – Alpharetta, Georgia

Excellent company in all aspects of the business and expectations. I would especially like to commend Tonya O’Dell. She was my initial contact in my business relationship with Atlantic Property Management. Tonya was extremely responsive and always on top of things, She provided me with straight and honest information, had good business ideas for me and demonstrated very high professionalism. I enjoy working with Tonya, and she has helped me achieve results !!!

Amir Peled – Tel Aviv, Israel

As the Asset Manager for my firm’s US investments, it is critical to have a property manager I can trust and who can handle the volume of properties we own…For me, Atlantic does…what a smaller firm can’t…they have the best system, technology, a staff of professionals who can handle large portfolios, and best of all, they are helping me buy and renovate additional homes and grow my portfolio.

Ryan Crenshaw

I chose Atlantic Property Management to manage my properties. Atlantic property manager, Brent is fantastic…definitely the best property manager I have worked with in years. The staff is incredibly prompt, detailed, and direct.