Our corporate sales division lists and sells a number of properties in the metro Atlanta area. Our marketing expertise is a combination of exposure and delivery. We use extensive digital marketing strategies including the web, PPC, syndication, text, and email marketing to maximize exposure to our properties and potential buyers. We utilize a state of the art capture system including CRM lead capture, full-time lead coordinator to inform and schedule showings with unrepresented buyers, as well as an on-line availability and offer portal.

As a fully-integrated investor-focused real estate firm, we can provide individual, a la carte or cradle-to-grave services to local, national, and international investors wanting to build wealth owning investment homes in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia.

Through our network of lending institutions, we can help our investment clients obtain investment property funding for both acquisitions as well as rent-stabilized, long-term permanent financing with both recourse and nonrecourse options and international investor programs that are simple, straightforward, and competitive on rate and terms.

Areas of Specialization

Greg Kurzner, the company broker, has 25 years of experience and has been ranked as one of the top Agents in the Atlanta Board of Realtors for the past 8 years and #1 in 2014. Our Corporate Sales Division works with our property management division and specializes in acquisitions and sales for investors.  Our sales team handles acquisitions and sales for several investment clients, both individual and large private equity funds.

Marketing Services

We develop comprehensive sales and marketing budget for the listing, including appropriate media placement, web design, and realtor programs. We direct the design of all collateral materials (brochures, flyers, direct marketing) needed for maximum listing exposure, including training of the sales agents in the use of these sales aids as a part of their sales presentation and post-visit follow up. We direct the design and implementation of the advertising and communications programs. We produce sales center graphics and support pieces (site tables, maps, renderings, lighted floor plans, logos, etc.), as needed. We also direct special events, realtor luncheons/promotions, and owner referral programs. Contact us to learn more!