You’ve worked hard to grow your real estate investment portfolio. You likely have also learned a lot along the journey.

If you aren’t growing your portfolio as quickly as you would like and MONEY isn’t the problem, it is likely for one reason—not enough TIME.

If you have the knack for managing your properties yourself, you have probably also realized that it takes a lot of time, time that you may not have. Time that could be spent finding new investment opportunities, to devote to your career, or to spend with family. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders, it’s more affordable than you think!

We manage more than 1,400 rental units making us one of Metro-Atlanta’s most successful leasing and property management companies. We have a service level that will fit your needs…guaranteed.

If management isn’t the problem, but you just don’t seem to have enough time or energy to research, pursue, and buy good properties, we can help with that too. We are Atlanta Realtors Association’s #1 Sales Team. We have dedicated Property Sourcing Specialists and have helped our owners acquire more than 3,000 homes in the past six years. Learn more about how to build wealth through your rental homes!

We only work with a small group of investors at a time, so fill out our Investor Property Profile and we will schedule a meeting with you!