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How to Find the Best Rental Properties

Renting a home in Atlanta can be exciting, especially when you are new to the whole living-on-your-own thing.

You get to decorate your own space, live how you desire, and hopefully you have awesome roommates to help make this rental your new home.

But finding a property to rent is not as fun.

There is a lot to think about, different aspects to look for, and many things to consider before you can decide on the perfect home to rent.

Depending on if you are renting with your family, friends from college, or with your significant other, you need to consider your living styles, your budget, and the features you are hoping to find in a rental.

At Atlantic Property Management, we can help you find the perfect rental to fit your needs.

The Atlanta rental properties on our site give easy to read details, helping you weed out the ones that won’t work for you and find the perfect home faster.

Best Rental Property in Atlanta

If this is your first time renting, or you have been out of the game for a while, there are a few things you need to consider when picking a rental.

First, we will go over the features to think about when you are finding a place for rent.


Bed And Bath

This is obviously an important point that is sure to be your main focus when searching, besides budget.

Although a rental may have the right amount of rooms, it may only have one bathroom. If you don’t mind sharing a bathroom with everyone living in the home, then this is not a problem, but if you have ever shared a bathroom with girls, you may want to reconsider.

If a property says “one-and-a-half bath,” that means there is only one shower. So if you want each bathroom to have a shower, make sure none of the bathrooms are half baths. This small nugget of information will save you a lot of hassle in the future and help you find the rental with the right amount of bathrooms.



If you are moving out of your mom’s home, or have been very fortunate with other rentals, you are used to having a washing machine and dryer in the home. But this is not always the case. Some rental properties in Atlanta only come with washer and dryer hookups, you supply the beastly machines. Others don’t have laundry and dryer hookups, meaning you will have to use a laundromat for all of your clothes washing needs. If this is a problem for you, make sure you find a rental property with either a washer and dryer included or hookups.



Pet in Atlanta Rental Property

This is another obvious one, but often people overlook this small detail and end up finding the perfect place that won’t accept their furry little friend. If you have a cat or a dog, make sure the properties say they accept these types of pets. Some place also limit the size of the dog and refuse to take “aggressive” breeds.

If you find a place that only accepts a certain size dog and you’re unsure your pooch fits the criteria, ask the property owner if your dog will be accepted. Don’t waste time looking at places that will not accept your dog. If you have a bird, rabbits, a turtle, or any other pet, be sure to ask the landlord if they accept the pets. If you rent a property and find out they don’t accept ferrets, you may have to get rid of your little friend.



Another obvious one, but figuring out when the property is available to start living in is an important aspect. Not only because it gives you a move-in date, but it could affect what you are doing currently. If you are going to be traveling for two months straight, it is best not to look for a place to move into until after you return, rather than pay two month’s rent for an empty room. It is also important to figure out a day you want to move in with all your roommates.

If a rental is available now, but you don’t want to move in until after the summer, you will be wasting months of rent. For example, if a rental isn’t available until August, but you have already packed up all of your belongings and hope to move in a week, well that obviously won’t work as well. So yes, finding out when the rental is available is an important part of finding the right rental for you!


Atlanta Rental Property with Prime LocationLocation

Be sure to search for rental in a location that makes sense for you. If you are always going to the grocery store near your place of work, it makes sense to search the same area for the right rental. You don’t want to be driving across town to do everything you need to get done, so don’t look at rentals that are in the opposite direction of everything else.

While these details may be common sense when considering a rental property, with the stress of the search, they can often go overlooked. Finding the perfect rental means finding the property that fits all of your feature criteria. Be sure to take all of these aspects into account when you start your search for the perfect rental, it is unlikely that one rental will have all the perfect features for you, so decide which you can be flexible on and which you cannot.

Find the best rental properties in Atlanta and compare easily all in one place. Atlantic Property Management can help you find the best rentals for all your needs and wants. Start your search today and contact us with any questions you may have!