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Quality Resident Placement Guarantee

You can rely on us to find and place the best and most qualified residents in your Atlanta rental home. If we recommend a resident to you that you approve for occupancy, and that resident fails to pay rent as agreed, we will replace that resident with a new one with no additional leasing fee charged.

How does it Work? Our Resident Placement Guarantee is valid for Six (6) months from the start date of the lease. If your resident moves out without good cause or your approval, fails to pay an early termination fee (if one applies), fails to cure any default of the lease terms requiring an eviction from the rental property while the Resident Placement Guarantee is in effect, we will honor the above guarantee terms.

What does Atlantic’s Resident Placement Guarantee Cover? Atlantic’s Resident Placement Guarantee covers the fee charged for finding and placing a screened and qualified resident into your Atlanta rental property. This is commonly known as a “Leasing Fee” or “Resident Placement Fee.” We will find and place a new Resident without you having to pay a second Leasing Fee.

What is NOT covered? Our Quality Resident Placement Guarantee does not cover costs of turnover or repairs, unpaid rent or attorney fees or costs of eviction. If either owner or resident terminates the lease early per the lease agreement and complies with the terms thereunder, the guarantee will not apply. This guarantee only applies if Atlantic also manages the property after resident placement. Coverage is limited to finding and placing a new resident without you incurring an additional Leasing Fee. It is not a refund of the original fee paid.

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Quality Resident Placement Guarantee


No Risk Money-Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to LOVE our Property Management Services… If you don’t, you can cancel your Management Agreement with 30 days’ notice and no penalty.

How does it Work? If during the term of management, either of a tenant-occupied property we take over management of, or following the placement and move-in of a resident we place in your property, you are not completely satisfied with our services, you may notify us and cancel your property management agreement with us. We hope you would give us a chance to correct whatever issue you might have…but we want you to have the control…and the confidence we will perform as expected.

What does Atlantic’s No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee Cover? Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will allow you to cancel your property management agreement with us with no cancellation penalty.

The Fine Print Our Guarantee is limited to waiver of remaining monthly property management fees due through the term of the property management agreement. It does not include waiver of any other previously earned fees including management fees prior to cancellation, leasing fees or lease renewal fees owed. Any sale commission due from the sale of your property to a placed resident will apply and survive the termination of that agreement. A transfer Processing Fee of $150.00 shall be charged to cover our cost of coordinating transfer and forwarding documents and keys, funds and work orders.

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