Product Comparison



 Best Buy

Price (based on 16GB 3GS)  $79*  $96  $180
Term  1 Year  2 Year  1 Year
Purchase Eligibility  None  Within 30 Days of Purchase  Within 14 Days of Purchase
Deductible  $50 per Incident  $50 per Incident  $0
Occurrence Limit  None  1 Replacement  2 Repairs or 1 Replacement
Claims Waiting Period  None  30 Days  None
Warranty Coverage  No  Yes  Yes
Repairs Void Apple* Warranty  N/A  Yes  Yes
Accidental Damage Coverage  Yes  Yes  Yes
Liquid Spill Coverage  Yes  Yes  Yes
Power Surge Coverage  Yes  Yes  Yes
Theft Coverage  Yes  No  No
Fire Coverage  Yes  No  No
Flood Coverage  Yes  No  No
Vandalism Coverage  Yes  No  No