Over the years we have found that many clients want more than just leasing and management services.  You can pick and choose any additional services we provide to further enhance your investment or offer additional protection and value.

We offer:

  • “No Worries” Eviction Protection Plan
  • Atlantic’s Scheduled Maintenance Service Program
  • Owner Protection/Tenant Liability Insurance Plan and more…

Eviction Protection Plan

While we evict less than 1% of all placed tenants each year, when the need to evict a problem tenant arises, the legal process can be slow and expensive.  Atlantic’s “No Worries” Eviction Protection Plan is a very affordable way to protect yourself from these costs—all with a small, monthly fee.

Our Eviction Protection Program covers:

  • Document preparation, fees, and filing with the appropriate municipality
  • Fees for local sheriff to serve papers to resident
  • Obtaining the Writ of Possession from court
  • Representation by an attorney in court
  • Eviction and re-key crew

*Certain restrictions, limitations, or exclusions may apply. 

Scheduled Maintenance Service Program

Many owners understand that the better they maintain their homes, the less often they and their property managers are responding to maintenance problems called in by their residents.  Atlantic Property Management offers you several options you can choose based on your wishes and budget. We offer:

  • Termite warranty/inspections
  • Fall and spring HVAC service
  • Chimney inspection/cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Air filter program
  • Much more!

To learn more about our additional services and find out what we can do for you while managing your property, contact us today!