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Maintenance Support 

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Emergency Repair Calls: Emergency maintenance can be reported 24/7 by calling (678) 710-6110 and following the


Please call 911 if the following occurs: Fire, Burglary/Theft, or personal injury. 

The Emergency phone line is for emergencies only.


• No heat in the property and the outside temperature is below 55 degrees or is forecast to be below 55


• No air conditioning in the property and the outside temperature is above 85 degrees or is forecast to be

above 85 degrees.


• No electricity to over 50% of the home.


• Clogged sewer line: if there is no other usable bathroom in the property.

• Burst water supply lines.

Appliance Repair

• Refrigerator not working.


• Storm damage to roof: tree limbs on roof, etc.

• Problems that could cause significant damage to the building, building systems, and equipment.


• Fire Systems: Smoke alarm continuously sounding, sprinklers running, etc.

• Broken Lock/Broken Window that is easily accessible (i.e. first floor) allowing for potential breakin/


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